9 Things That Happen When You Take Your Little One for a Day Out 

1. You pay to get them in to the jungle jym, play area, bouncy houses – whatever it is you’re going to – and they spend all their time looking at the flashing lights in the arcade.

2. You then spend even more money on tokens for the arcade before you realise that they don’t give a shit about playing on the games or getting tickets they just like the flashing lights.
3. You go to redeem the tickets that you’ve won. Of course there’s no parent prizes so you have to let your kid -who hasn’t done any of the work – choose what they want. They want the huge bouncy ball – you have enough for the tiny plastic dinosaur.

4. You can’t bring in your own food or drinks so you smuggle them in in your bag only for you child to refuse to eat the gross, bag food so you resort to buying overpriced fries. They’re gonna burn it off running around, right?

5. The big kids get too rough around you little one and you envision yourself being one of those parent’s who gets in to a fight at a kid’s play area.

6. You always end up on the bouncy house/climbing frames at some point. And you have to pretend that the 6 year old inside you isn’t going crazy with excitement!

7. You take your eye off your child for a second and turn around to find out they’ve climbed up something twice the size of them. You’re having heart palpations while your little sweetie thinks it’s hilarious and sooo clever. 

8. The home time struggle. Need I say more??

9. You finally get your little one home, they’re rubbing their eyes, they’re whining and you’re like ‘perfect – bedtime!’  Of course, they’re tricking you; they’re not actually tired, they’re going to keep you up for hours!


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